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The purpose of these general conditions is to define the rights and obligations of the user in the context of the use of the website en.serena-tarot.com (the Website) or other websites linked to it under the brand Serena Tarot, and all content (Content) associated with or listed there.

All the texts, images and sounds used are the exclusive property of the Editor Serena Tarot . The site editor can be contacted using the contact form.

Company editor of the Serena Tarot website: Astrolia for Digital-G.

Address : Tallinn, , Ahtri tn, 15551 Eesti


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ARTICLE 1- About en.serena-tarot.com

The web site en.serena-tarot.com belongs to Astrolia for Digital-G. -Carlyle House, Lower Ground Floor, 235-237 Vauxhall Bridge Road London, England, SW1V 1EJ - Registration number12558681.



The web site en.serena-tarot.com offers entertainment content on the themes of personal development and the divinatory arts and sciences, including astrology, numerology, taromancy, horoscopy. This site, through its content, does not claim to guarantee the occurrence of the events which are mentioned in the emails (emails) which are sent to the readers. These have only a recreational, playful or cultural purpose. The purpose of this contract is to define the terms and conditions under which the publisher makes the content described above available to the reader from a website. The mere fact of using the website en.serena-tarot.com implies outright acceptance of these general conditions. In the event of non-compliance by a reader with these general conditions of the en.serena-tarot.com site, the publisher reserves the right to refuse access to its website. Any online order of content on the site en.serena-tarot.com implies the unconditional acceptance by the client (hereinafter designated by the client) of these general conditions of sale of which he has previously become aware.


The use of this site is exclusively reserved for people with a legal majority in their country of residence, as well as the legal capacity to contract and use a website. The user is responsible for ensuring the veracity and accuracy of the information he provides. Access to the content of this site is subject to direct or indirect Internet access. The costs of telephone communications relating to the connection to the Internet and to the site remain the sole responsibility of the user. Acceptance of the general conditions set out below is subject to connection only to this site. The user is informed that these general conditions of use of the site can be modified at any time, without notice or advance notice. The new version will be available for consultation upon modification. Special conditions may supplement these General Conditions of Sale. The Customer will be informed via the Website before any transaction. The reader is also informed of the possibility of modifying the url of this page and this, without notice, also. THE CONTENT PROVIDED ON THE WEBSITE HAS A PURE RECREATIONAL, FUN OR CULTURAL ASPECT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE CONTENT PROVIDED BE SUBJECT TO LEGAL, MEDICAL OR PSYCHOLOGICAL ADVICE GIVEN BY A PROFESSIONAL. IF YOU HAVE A CHRONIC ILLNESS, MENTAL INSTABILITY OR IF YOU ARE CONFLICTED WITH PARTICULAR PROBLEMS (ESPECIALLY LEGAL OR JUDICIAL) PLEASE CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL ADAPTED TO YOUR DISEASE, DISORDER OR PROBLEM ASAP.


The site en.serena-tarot.com offers entertainment content on the themes of the divinatory arts and sciences, including astrology, numerology, taromancy, horoscopy. The content offered by the site en.serena-tarot.com is only composed of texts delivered by electronic and dematerialized channels such as e-mailing (electronic mail) or digital downloading (electronic download). The en.serena-tarot.com site does not offer any advice or service, but only collections of texts, stories on the subjects of divinatory arts and sciences, including astrology, numerology, taromancy, the horoscopy. The order of reading the texts and collections offered by the site en.serena-tarot.com is done differently for each reader, and according to their preferences. The characters, places, situations and events mentioned in the texts issued to users may be fictitious and do not necessarily have any connection with existing, or existing, characters, places, situations and events. Serena and all the characters involved in the content of the site and the emails sent, are fictional characters. The photos used are illustrative images. The publisher uses the Serena brand and visuals for the sole purpose of promoting its content dealing with Divinatory Arts and Sciences.

All the content of the site en.serena-tarot.com meets the criteria which define an ebook (electronic book or e-book). The registration of the user on the Website does not entail any obligation to purchase. The free reading offer offered by the Website to each user is without any commitment for that user. It is therefore up to the user to decide for himself whether he wishes to access paid readings which are offered to him subsequently. The texts sold to the customer are delivered by sending an email or a download link. Thus, the user acknowledges and accepts that the Publisher reserves the right, to modify, delete, add or replace, at any time, the content appearing on this site without this being able to give rise to any right or indemnity of any kind. With regard to the delivery of ebooks purchased by the customer, the Publisher cannot be held responsible if the emails or download links were blocked, in particular by a spam filter or an antivirus filter. It is, for example, up to the customer to check the correct configuration of his computer or to make sure that the sender is in his list of accepted contacts.



The paid content is clearly identifiable by the user, since the user must confirm each time that he agrees to pay the requested price. For each offer. The prices indicated are also net for the customer. The content appearing on the Website or accessible from it is only available after payment by the user and validation of his payment by the publisher. In the case of means of payment sent by post, processing may take several days and delay delivery further. The user, after selecting his text, will be offered several secure online payment methods as well as the financial and billing conditions for said product. Online payments are made by secure CB payment modules. The Publisher reserves the right, at any time, without prior notice to the user to modify the prices of the content it publishes, as well as to add, delete, suspend, modify or temporarily or permanently replace the payment systems in order to optimize the quality of service.



The user is informed that the content is provided as is and that the Publisher assumes no responsibility for the duration, maintenance, or deletion thereof. The Publisher cannot be held liable in the event that the order or the user's account are not recorded. The user remains solely responsible for any damage caused to his computer or any deletion of data that would result from the consultation, downloading of content offered by the site en.serena-tarot.com.



The products and services offered after registration on the en.serena-tarot.com site are as follows:

  • A free clairvoyance sent in the form of a written text,
  • An introduction to the world of divinatory sciences, astrology, numerology or tarot via a series of emails sent to the User,
  • More complete sessions sent as audio and / or video files. Access to audio / video files and associated instructions is via a link sent by email.
  • Ebooks in pdf format, downloadable from a link sent by email.

To read pdf files, the User must first install free software to read this type of file. For example, the User can download free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader from the following link:https://get.adobe.com/fr/reader

To play the audio files, the User must first install free software that allows to play the mp3 files. For example, the User can download VLC Media Player for free from the following link: http://vlc-media-player.org/modules/telecharge/

  • Products and services are delivered between 1 and 24 hours following the confirmation email,
  • EBooks or audio products purchased from the online store are sent within one hour of ordering.

As soon as the products and services are available, the User will be informed by an email containing a link which offers immediate access to the products and services on the website.

If en.serena-tarot.com was unable to deliver the products and services ordered, the User would be notified by email and immediately receive a refund for any payment made for these products and services.



en.serena-tarot.com offers you a money back guarantee on the last Service or Product purchased.
You can get a refund within 30 days of purchase by going to the contact page accessible from this link. Write "Request for refund" and the name of the Product or service for which you want a refund in the body of the message.
Our customer service will reimburse the account linked to the bank card you used for payment or, failing this, by any other means at our disposal.
In order to benefit from this money-back guarantee under optimal conditions, we draw your attention to the importance of providing complete and accurate information (your last name, first name and full postal address).


The Publisher may keep the personal data of the client / and / or the user that they have provided in connection with the use of the Website and / or the orders they have placed. By registering on the site en.serena-tarot.com, and unless the user objects, the user agrees to receive offers from its partners. To unsubscribe, the user just has to click on the unsubscribe link present in each of our emails or that of our partners.


The Publisher undertakes to make the best efforts to allow permanent accessibility (7 days a week and 24 hours a day) of the content on the site, subject to the necessary maintenance interventions, breakdowns specific to the Internet network and stipulations Articles 8 and 9 of these general conditions.


The Publisher disclaims any responsibility for the impossibility of access to the Website by the user, in particular due to maintenance operations or any event beyond its control. The company cannot guarantee the site from any exemption from computer viruses or other anomalies beyond its control.


The Publisher disclaims all responsibility for any breach of any contractual obligation in cases of force majeure or fortuitous, including and without limitation, war, disasters, fires, internal or external strike, internal or external failure or failures, and generally any event that does not allow the proper execution of orders. The Publisher accepts no responsibility for problems that may arise during secure transactions. This responsibility lies with the various organizations providing these services.


The user is prohibited from any assignment for free or against payment and any exploitation for commercial purposes or for purposes other than those provided for under these general conditions of content offered on the site en.serena-tarot.com. The user is prohibited from any use of the site and the content which would be contrary to public order, laws and morality and / or likely to infringe the rights of third parties, users and the company or its partners.


In accordance with the case law on dematerialized cultural goods, the user is informed that the right of withdrawal can only be exercised if the download of the content of his ebook has not started. In all other cases, the user may not exercise any right of withdrawal.


The entire content of web pages (images, brands, logos, acronyms, software, texts, algorithms) and all information presented by the Publisher or its suppliers, advertisers are protected by intellectual property and trademark law. Any reproduction or use provided for by intellectual property protection laws must be subject to the prior authorization of the Publisher. Any unauthorized use of all or part of the content of the Website and intellectual property rights may be subject to legal proceedings.


The user is informed of the installation of a cookie. Most browsers allow you to delete or block the installation of cookies. If the user decides to use these features of their browser, they will no longer have access to certain functions and personalized pages of the site.


These general conditions continue for an unlimited period, unless modified, deleted by the company.


These general conditions are subject to the law of the country hosting the site servers en.serena-tarot.com.